Massage Therapy with a Personal Touch

Located in Moxie Beauty Lounge, Day Break Massage is a wonderful place to start your self-care journey.

Amanda Pyse

Owner and Massage Therapist

In 2012, I completed my studies at Anthem College, Brookfield, and embarked on a journey to become a massage therapist. Driven by a deep-seated desire to care for others, I have always been a nurturing soul. I am passionate about promoting self-care essential to our overall well-being. Through massage therapy, I intend to extend this philosophy to as many individuals as possible.

My massages blend therapeutic and relaxation techniques to provide my clients with physical and mental relief. It is my ultimate goal to help them feel rejuvenated and at peace. I am committed to continually advancing my education to incorporate new techniques, modalities, and enhancements into my practice and offer an even more enriching experience to those in my care.

Amanda Pryse Massage Therapist in Waukesha, WI

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